Thuja 'Green Giant': Growth Chart

Thuja 'Green Giant': Growth Chart

As gardeners, landscapers, or simply nature enthusiasts, the growth journey of a plant or tree is a fascination that constantly intrigues us. One such tree that attracts attention due to its extraordinary growth rate is the Thuja 'Green Giant.' This article explores the growth pattern of the Thuja 'Green Giant', tracing its journey from a young sapling to a fully-grown specimen.

Understanding the Thuja 'Green Giant'

A hybrid of Thuja standishii and Thuja plicata, the 'Green Giant' is a robust, fast-growing evergreen, renowned for its ability to add up to 3-5 feet in height per year under optimal conditions. Reaching up to 60 feet tall, it's a popular choice for privacy screens and windbreaks due to its dense, rich green foliage, and rapid growth.

The Growth Journey

Let's delve deeper into the growth pattern of the 'Green Giant', taking a closer look at how much it grows each year.

Year 1: In the first year, the 'Green Giant' prioritizes establishing a solid root system, providing the tree with the foundation it needs for future growth. As such, above-ground growth may be moderate, typically around 1-2 feet.

Years 2-5: This is when the 'Green Giant' truly lives up to its name. With a well-established root system, the tree starts to rapidly increase in height, growing approximately 3-5 feet each year.

Years 6 and Beyond: The 'Green Giant' maintains its steady growth until it approaches maturity, although the pace may begin to slow slightly as it reaches its maximum height of around 60 feet.

Below is an estimated growth chart of a Thuja 'Green Giant' under optimal conditions:

Year Expected Growth (Feet) Cumulative Height (Feet)
1 1-2 1-2 (depending on initial size)
2 3-5 4-7
3 3-5 7-12
4 3-5 10-17
5 3-5 13-22
6 3-5 16-27
7 3-5 19-32
8 2-4 21-36
9 2-4 23-40
10 2-4 25-44

Remember, this table is an approximation, and actual growth may vary based on environmental factors, care practices, and overall tree health.

Conclusion: Embrace the Journey

The rapid growth and hardy nature of the Thuja 'Green Giant' make it an attractive choice for various landscaping needs. Yet, beyond its practicality, there's something simply remarkable about watching this "giant" grow, each year bringing a new burst of life and height.

Whether you already have a 'Green Giant' gracing your landscape or plan to introduce one, understanding and appreciating its growth journey is part of the joy of gardening. After all, as any seasoned gardener knows, the growth of a plant is not just a process—it's a journey to be savored.

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